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Breach babies: One of our biggest fears when we are pregnant is that the baby will be in a breech or transverse position when it is time to deliver.  Very few obstetricians will deliver a baby breach because of the risks; therefore a cesarean section is scheduled.
While working on pregnant patients I extended my training to help mothers whose babies are in a breach or transverse presentation by becoming certified in the Webster technique, a gentle chiropractic technique involving assessing and correcting any misalignments in the pelvic and lower back area. This helps to keep ligaments and muscles, which support the uterus relaxed. Since these ligaments and muscles attach to the bones of the pelvis, any shift in the alignment of the bones causes tightening of the ligaments and muscles. This can cause twisting and tension on the uterus, making it difficult for the baby to get into proper position. Correcting the misalignments allows for optimal uterine positioning and ultimately, a more favorable fetal position.  The Webster technique does not involve any type of moving of the baby itself, as with the external version procedure, and is absolutely safe. Although the Webster Technique has a very high success rate 75-95%, there are many other reasons, besides pelvic misalignments and tension on the uterus, which cause breech presentations some of which cannot be reversed.  However, this technique is so gentle it is worth the try versus having to have a c-section.  I am trained to adjust babies, children, and adolescents utilizing a gentle approach allowing me to help many with ear infections, allergies, adhd, and sports injuries. In fact I often encourage parents to have their children checked for problems throughout the stages of development (holding head up, crawling, walking) and definitely after a major fall, or any trauma to ensure proper nerve function is never compromised via spinal misalignment.
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