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Thank you for everything Dr. Therriault! I have loved coming here, and appreciate all that you have done. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your staff! 

- Amber S. 

I started treating at Precision Spinal Care for lower back pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have been dealing with these issues since 2003! Less than 8 weeks of treatment- my lower back pain is gone, I can sleep through the night! The front desk staff has always been pleasant and helpful! Dr. Joanne Therriault improved my quality of life to a level I didn't expect. 

- Lewis J. 

After 10 years of dealing with horrible back and neck pain, I had relief after 5 visits! I noticed I was sleeping better, my neck had more movement, and I felt more comfortable at work. I would recommend this office because of the long lasting, fast relief! 

- Kim K. 

Thank you for your caring and considerate service! For always making each of us feel as if we were the only ones that matter. 

- Kandy & Jim E. 

When I first signed up for Chiropractic Care I was unable to play more than 14 holes of golf. Golfing is what i really love to do, so I was counting on Dr. Therriault to help me. I must say- SHE DID! I am currently playing 18 holes of golf without the excruciating pain I was experiencing prior to meeting Dr. Therriault. 

- Joan M. 

I started seeking chiropractic to help with my asthma. My coughing was so bad I ended up in the E.R where they said I had other problems that needed to be resolved. In just a few treatments I have no problems breathing. I just wish that I would have thought of visiting  Dr. Therriault sooner. When we are having problems with something being out of alignment, you should always consider seeking out a chiropractor like Dr. Therriault. I am so glad we ran into Dr. Therriault when we did. I have told many friends about her and I hope they will remember how much she helped me, and like so many others. 

- Sharon C. 

I first hurt my lower back during military service about 1970. That was the beginning of muscle relaxers, cortisone shots and other things that just didn't do much in any way. With a career in steel fabrication, my back was always a problem. i was to the point of wondering if I could continue working when I tried my first chiropractic adjustment in 1986. What a blessing chiropractic has been in my life. Dr. Joanne Therriault at Precision Spinal Care is on the top of the list. She takes the needed extra time to make you feel welcome and important to her. She isn't running a chiropractic factory. She listens to me and understands my problems. She is truly there to help! 

- Fred J. 

I started going to Precision Spinal Care to treat numbness in my hands and fingers. I had suffered with this issue for over 2 years. At its worst, the pain was constant, affecting my driving, sleep and work ethic. I eventually sought out a specialist to see what was happening, and the diagnosis was Carpal Tunnel. The doctor there wanted to make a tiny incision to relieve the pain, and I just didn't that. Dr. Therriault at Precision Spinal Care found many problems with not just my hand, but with my neck and back as well. I started treatment three times a week and felt relief almost instantly! My symptoms are nearly gone almost all the time! I have received EXCELLENT care, and would recommend precision Spinal Care to anyone! 

-Joanne C. 

From the moment I walked into your office, not only was your team welcoming- but so was the environment! So warm and welcoming. Seeing how you are integrating technology immediately confirmed that you are prepared for growth! This made you stand out above the rest. Your attention to detail not only regarding your clients bodies but also who they are as people is awesome! Your business skills are impressive and I look forward to seeing your office grow! "Know more about people than you do your product, and you will be unusually successful" -Dani Johnson

-Anissa B.  

I think we have all heard the old joke "If I'd kinown I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of myself" at least once. Well, that was me. At 22- I slid off a roof and landed on my back. At 30- I noticed driving for more than an hour produced a pain in my right leg and hip. At 40- I had trouble sitting at my desk for more than half an hour at a time. At 50- I took a job lugging 300-400 lbs of furniture from delivery trucks to customers homes. About the only result I got from this lifestyle was becoming addicted to Vicoden and Soma, and I was gobbling them up like a kid gobbles M&M candies. At this point in time I realized that I could barely walk through a store, standing in line hurt even worse than walking around. At age 57 I was given a piece of information that changed my life. A customer at a local store saw me in pain and told me to look up NUCCA. I came across Dr. Brian Benson and saw that his rates were completely affordable. At my consultation, I was shown my x-rays and I could not help but be reminded of a very bad train wreck- literally. I walked out of that appointment half and hour later- I was standing up almost completely straight! Walking, standing, sitting upright didn't hurt! By my 4th treatment I was able to tell Dr. Benson that I enjoyed a completely PAIN FREE weekend. Dr. Benson has, literally, changed my life. I'm not just alive these days, I'm actually living for the first time in years! 

- John H. 

Before Chiropractic I was constantly in agony, no energy, and extremely depressed. Every day was just worse and worse. I fell in March of 2014, and sought treatment with a physical therapist, which helped but the pain was still there. Since starting at Precision Spinal Care i have more energy, I can moved around much better. I feel like going out more, socializing and actually enjoying my life. The care I have received has been GREAT! I am a happy camper and will continue my care. 

- Anne W

For the past 3 years I had been experiencing sciatic pain that would shoot down my lower back and left leg. it was a nagging ache that affected my ability to sleep, to sit, to walk for any period of time. Since coming to Precision Spinal Care the sciatic pain is gone! Daily activities are comfortable and traveling is once again enjoyable. The Doctors, the office, and the staff are all very friendly and caring. 

-Patty B. 

Before Chiropractic I was experiencing neck pain, lower back pain, and daily headaches. I couldnt sleep without a heating pad and even that didnt always work. The headaches were getting worse and I was having a hard time concentrating. I am a very physical person with a job that entitles me to be outside, moving all day. I enjoy horseback riding and the severity of pain in my lower back was making enjoying life very hard. With the consistent care I have improved tremendously. I can work without any pain at all. I have much more freedom. I did not realize how tight and limited my range of motion had been. Dr. Therriault is fantastic! She keeps you informed and really friendly. All the office staff is wonderful as well. 

-Emily B. 

I had been experiencing off and on neck pain for several months. I thought I was hurting myself in exercise class so I became leery of participating. I now understand that my neck alignment was the source of the problem. I participate in classes without any concern and have a grater rotation in my neck which is especially noticeable while driving. I was receiving therapeutic massages and alignments. The front desk is always friendly and willing to adjust my schedule. 

-Michele S. 

I was in constant agony, becoming depressed because of the pain. I had fallen last March and was seeing a physical therapist- which helped but I was still in extreme pain. Since starting Chiropractic i have more energy. The pain is way better. My life is finally good. I am able to socialize, clean the house. I am over all one happy camper. 

- Anne W. 

For over a year I was experiencing my left knee swell up. The pain would hurt so bad I would feel like passing out. Since coming to Precision Spinal Care, I feel awesome! I can walk without limping or any pain. Everyone at this office is awesome. 

- Gordon H. 

For years I had been experiencing off and on back pain. I honestly felt like I didn't have a life. I had previously seen a different chiropractor and while I was "fixed" I was not "resolved" because there was to much time in between receiving treatment. Now being at Precision Spinal Care, I have stayed on track and I am able to maintain my pain. I now have a life! I really recommend massage therapy prior to getting an adjustment. They are wonderful!

- Emily

The pain in my lower back and left leg was so awful i could not stand for more than just a few minutes. Within a few treatments the pain I had experienced in my leg was resolved and I was able to stand and walk normally. My hip was adjusted to make my left leg the same length as my right. This resolved my back problem as well. 

- Mark F. 

For 4 years I was experiencing limited range of motion, a stiff tight neck and shoulder. At the pains worst I would wake up in the middle of the night and barely move my head, Since beginning treatment with Dr. Therriault my neck has started to improve in a few months. The pain decreased and I no longer have any neck pain when I bend over and pick items off the floor. The care, concern, encouragement and professionalism from everyone in the office is superb. 

- M.R.

Before I started chiropractic my hip was extremely sore after I received knee surgery. Without taking any pain medication I would be in tears. I work as a nurse, and I am almost always on my feet, my life was miserable. When I started to receive chiropractic, each week I felt significantly better. I have had two benefits: walking and being in zero pain. The staff is wonderful, and the massage therapists are amazing! I was very pleased with my overall treatment! 

- Marie M. 

I have been dealing with neck, back, and shoulder pain my whole life. About 5 years ago I received surgery to remove several vertebra, and have several fused. Before chiropractic, I had to stay at home with a neck collar, use various medicated creams, prescription pain pills just to relax. After chiropractic- I am over all 100% better. I hadn't received chiropractic in over 20 years, and now I can move again. Dr. Benson is a true gift from heaven. I still can't believe it. 

-Terry A. 

I had been experiencing sciatic pain in my right leg, tightness in shoulders, and neck pain. My life was very painful and did not allow me to do the things I wanted to do. My symptoms have now almost left. I am feeling like myself again. The staff are great, and really know their stuff! 

-Linda Q. 

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